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Suna Pilates
Welcome to Suna Pilates.

A workout for your body and mind.
Our Studio 1 Barrys Point Road

Phone 09 489 1987
Email us - click on "contact us" above
Website www.sunapilates.co.nz
Suna Starter Packs Starter Packs are a great way to 'try before you buy', see our site for details http://pilates.co.nz/pages/getting-started
What classes to book if you're new to Suna 1. Book either an Individual Introductory Session (over the phone) Group Intro Session online - you must do an Intro Session before you can attend any Suna Pilates classes.
2. Starter classes - see 'Starter Classes' below.
Individual Introductory Session A one-on-one Intro Session gaining you confidence and competence in the principles before you move into classes.This must be booked over the phone on 09 489 1987.
Group Introductory Session A Group Intro Session teaches you the Suna Pilates postural principles before you move confidently and competently into classes. Your Group Intro session should be booked online and have a maximum of 20 people. See 'Starter Classes'.
Starter Classes After your Intro Session you will then do starter classes to give you confidence and competence in the principles of pilates.

If you plan to purchase or have already purchased a Group Introductory Pack, (http://pilates.co.nz/pages/getting-started) please book 2 SunaFit and 2 SunaForm classes prior to moving into our normal classes. Now is a good time to book your starters so you can make sure you get the times that suit you.

If you think that you need less (or more) starter classes, please talk to the trainer after your Intro Session. For more information on starter classes please see timetables on our website (http://pilates.co.nz/pages/timetables). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
Concession deals If you have purchased a concession voucher from a deal website, please book 3 starter classes for the concession class type only. For example, if you’ve purchased a SunaFit concession, you need to book SunaFit starter classes.
SunaFit SunaFit classes are 45 minutes long and are on a first come, first served basis - no bookings are required.
SunaForm SunaForm classes are 45 minutes long, must be booked online at Ezybook and require 24 hours notice of cancellation.
SunaBlitz Book your first class online and this will confirm your attendance for the whole course at that time slot. For more information visit http://pilates.co.nz/pages/sunablitz
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