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Welcome to Acupuncture Works

Thank you for using Ezybook, any trouble at all with bookings or if you have a question please leave a phone message on 566 5020 or use our website enquiry form. Please if booking online book a few sessions at a time to ensure a time that fits your schedule. It is a lot easier to un book if they are un-nessasary, than to loose momentum between treatments.

NZ registered Acupuncturist' (Acupuncture NZ)

ACC Treatment Providers

Handy location in Alicetown, Lower Hutt, Free parking and access to public transport, wheelchair accessible.

Please find more information on my website www.acupuncture-works.co.nz

Our clinic 51a Victoria Street
Alicetown - Lower Hutt
phone 566-5020 opposite Hunting and Fishing
Our treatments People are unique, therefore treatments are also unique and can include one, some or all......Acupuncture, Tuina, cupping, moxa., herbs, Qi gong excercise.
More info http://www.acupuncture-works.co.nz/
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Nicola Brownlow
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