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Animates Grooming Kaiwharawhara
Look good, smell great - keep your pet healthy and happy with regular grooming to enhance your dogs coat with our professional grooming teams available in select Animates Stores across the country.
Location and contacts 132 Hutt Road,
Wellington 6035

04 473 2673
Services The friendly staff at our grooming facilities will provide you with professional grooming sessions tailored to your dog's needs. There's no need to wait either, just drop off your dog and pick them up later while your groomer ensures that your pets are groomed to a high standard and remain safe while in our care.

Regular grooming ensures your dogs skin and coat remain in optimum condition, it also reduces the possibility of skin infection and flea infestation which saves you money in the long run keeping your pet healthy to reduce vet bills. Your dog will look good, smell good and feel great - there's less mess to clean at home and we can provide you with valuable tips and advice to keep your dogs coat looking great between appointments.

Full Groom

Our groom will leave your dog looking beautiful and smelling lovely. Our comprehensive groom includes:
- Full body brush
- Thorough wash & blow dry
- Full clip and scissor finish
- Tidy feet, face and hygiene area
- Ear clean
- Nail trim

Platinum: All of the above PLUS the following treatments
Kissable dog, Customised Shampoo & conditioner, perfect pedicure and facial
Gold: All of the above PLUS our kissable dog treatment
Standard: All of the above
Super Smoothie: Designed for single coated silky/smooth dogs!
Basically a wash & blow dry with a kissable dog and perfect pedicure treatment

Tidy Up

Keep your grooms looking good between grooms or just need a wee tidy for your low maintenance pooch?
Then these are the services for you…

Mini Groom: Great in-between groom that includes:
A tidy up around the eyes, sanitary areas, feet and pads. Also get a nail clip for 1/2 price with this service
Wash & Blow Dry: Coat thoroughly brushed, washed twice then blow dried. Also get a nail clip for 1/2 price with this service

Spa Treatments

Want to pamper your pooch? Add any of the following spa treatments to your groom:

Top Dog: The ultimate pampering for your pooch
Kissable dog, Customised shampoo & conditioner, perfect pedicure and a facial
Calming Canine: This treatment is for your itchy dogs. It is a soothing shampoo treatment
to help heal irritated skin as it is massaged into the skin.
Citrus Shampoo: This treatment is for our smelly dogs. This shampoo treatment is
a specialised odour-eliminating treatment. This will leave your dog smelling super fresh.
Facial: We have a gentle range of natural & tearless facial cleansers.
Doing everything from reducing tear stains, odour and soothing skin.
Kissable Dog: For fresher breath. We brush your dog's teeth with doggy tooth paste,
followed by a breath freshening treatment. As well as a complimentary dental chew.
Perfect Pedicure: For tidy toes. This deluxe pedicure and pad conditioning treatment includes a
nail trim, scissor around feet and pads and a paw pad treatment.

Additional Service:

Puppy Socialisation Groom: For your puppy's social development, it is important to give them exposure
to a variety of experiences in life. Build a positive relationship between your dog and the grooming
salon from a young age. Talk to your local grooming salon to talk about our puppy groom specials.
Flea Relief: Protect your dog from flea infestation with our choice of treatments, ask in salon for details.
De-Shedding treatments: This is a specialised shampoo treatment which promotes healthy
skin and coat to reduce shedding.
Cat and Small Animal Services: Please enquire at your local animates grooming salon to see if they offer this service.

*Please note*
- Prices for a groom are subject to consultation, based on breed size, coat type and condition of coat at
your appointment where an estimate will be provided.
- We have a strict 'No vaccinations, No groom' Policy in our salons. This includes unvaccinated puppies.
We have the right to refuse service if your pet is unvaccinated.
- It is important in our salons that flea control is maintained to prevent cross contamination to other pets.
Please understand that if fleas are found on your pet during the grooming process, your pet will be given
a bath using a flea rinse and a Capstar flea treatment tablet at your expense.
- If for any reason the grooming staff feel that grooming your pet puts themselves or your pet at risk,
the team reserve the right to refuse to groom your pet.
- At Animates our biggest priority is the health and welfare of your pets. Heavy matting can cause unnecessary
pain and stress for your pet if not addressed but can also be difficult to remove. In the event of heavy matting
requiring special attention, there may be additional costs.
More info http://www.animates.co.nz/services/pet-grooming/
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