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Elayne Lane Massage In Nelson
Clinic location 17 Fifeshire Crescent, Stepneyville, Nelson 7010
From Rocks Road, drive up Victoria Heights and turn left into Fifeshire Crescent. Park further up the road the road by the railings (clear of the driveways) and walk up the steps by the double garage. Bring a torch at night time.
Services Note: All sessions cost $70 and take one hour, but please allow an extra 30 minutes for your client consultation. Gift Vouchers available.

Relaxation Massage
One Hour Massage - Relax and Rejunvenate: this full body
massage using aromatherapy essential oils is ideal for
releasing tension and giving stress relief - a superbly gentle way to unwind.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage: this one hour session focuses
entirely on the back, neck and shoulders where deeper work is often required to
release tight muscles, and reduce muscular pain. Good for neck or shoulder
pain, frozen shoulders, headaches and tension.

Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy Massage: aromatherapy relaxation massage for
pregnant woman designed to promote relaxation and help ease muscular pain during pregnancy.

Chi Nei Tsang
NEW Chi Nei Tsang is an abdominal treatment which is used to assist with healthy digestion, massage of the internal organs, emotional processing and relieving pelvic tension. Sessions are interactive - meaning the
client is required to breathe deeply throughout the session while work is being done on the abdomen by the practitioner.

Elayne uses a combination of reiki, crystals, flower essences, colour and hands on healing according to what you need. This clears and balances your energies and raises your vibration.

A technique used to tune into the body and find out what it needs. For further information go to Elayne's website.

A Japanese Healing technique used to channel unconditional love.

Touch for Health Kinesiology
This technique balances your physical, emotional and mental states. For further information see Elayne's website.
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Elayne Lane
Elayne has over twenty years experience in bodywork, healing, aromatherapy and teaching natural therapies.
She works from the heart and believes that everyone has the answers they seek within them.
More info http://www.learnhealing.org/
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Elayne Lane
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