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EMR Wellbeing
EMR Wellbeing - Enhance, Maintain, Revive

At EMR Wellbeing the focus is you and each session is tailored so you achieve the best possible results for physical and mental wellbeing.

Don’t think of massage as a luxury or a pamper session, think of it as a powerful tool to help with your optimal wellbeing, because “there is a better kind of normal”.

EMR Wellbeing offers the following:

Relaxation Massage will help to Enhance your day, help Maintain your busy schedule and help revive your mind and body.

Remedial Massage will help enhance the facilitation of your wellbeing, help Maintain your bodies homeostasis (balance) and help Revive you from tiredness, pain and unbalanced emotion.

Sports/Deep Tissue Massage will Enhance your fitness/training program by lessening the chances of injury and speedy recovery, help Maintain your current level of fitness or activity by energizing your body so you keep moving and help Revive tired, sore and achy muscles that can be bought on by stress and/or repetitive over-use.
EMR Wellbeing is located Level 1,Mackay House, 92 Queens Drive
Lower Hutt
04 569 5884
021 913 224
Hours Monday 9 am - 3 pm
Tuesday 9 am - 3pm
Wednesday 9 am - 3 pm
Thursday 9 am - 7 pm

Friday 9am - 12pm
Every 2nd Sunday 3.30 pm - 6.30 pm
Your Therapist
Fiona Dolan
I have been an active person all my life, enjoying a variety of sports including Tennis, Badminton, Softball, Swimming and Yoga. My interest in Massage started out as a hobby, but as my interest grew on how amazing the human body is and how well the body responds to massage, I kept continuing with my massage studies at The New South Wales School of Massage, becoming qualified in Relaxation, Remedial, Sports/Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy in 2006.

I have also recently completed courses on Therapeutic Stretching and Sports Event Management at the Wellington School of Massage.

The body always wants to achieve homeostasis (balance), so whether your body is sedentary, moderately active, preparing or recovering for an event, injured or stressed/anxious, massage can help towards homeostasis. This is done by increasing blood/lymph flow, flushing out toxins, easing scar tissue and adhesions and releasing trigger points within muscle or contracted muscles in order to increase your range of motion previously inhibited by stiff tight muscles.

We can't help the ageing process, but I have a goal for clients of looking towards the next 30+ years and understand that a healthy body needs help in maintaining homeostasis so life can be enjoyed. Massage and stretching is an integral part of this maintenance.

"There is a better kind of normal" and I can help you achieve this.
Other Therapies Myofascial Release
Trigger Point
Workplace Massage - A minimum of 3 people is required. Please email or phone to discuss pricing and availability.
Gift Certificates Makes the perfect gift and available up to any dollar value.
Cancellation Policy Please provide at least 24 hours notice of any appointment cancellation or rescheduling.
If you cancel or change your appointment within 24 hours or do not turn up then your normal appointment fee will be charged. You can send someone in your place.
I apply this charge as I am self employed, if an appointment is not filled I do not work and there do not get paid. With less than 24 hours notice it makes it very difficult to fill the appointment time.
Thank you for your understanding.
Session Times and Pricing 30 minutes - $45.00
45 minutes - $60.00
60 minutes - $75.00
90 minutes - $105.00

Payment by Eftpos (No Credit), Cash or Internet Banking prior to session.
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