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Endometriosis NZ
About Us Endometriosis New Zealand is New Zealand’s national endometriosis organisation.

We represent the tens of thousands of girls and women with endometriosis in New Zealand and we work with those who treat the condition and researchers to find solutions. We provide unique and professional services and programs to reach individuals, communities, schools, workplaces and all stakeholders involved in improving health outcomes for those with endometriosis and persistent pelvic pain.
ENZ Phone Clinics sponsored by ANZ Staff Foundation We provide free of charge phone clinic appointments - thanks to funding received from the ANZ Staff Foundation.

You can use these phone clinics to talk confidentiality with one of our team. Our team is here to provide you with advice or support regarding endometriosis and yourself or someone you care about.

Endometriosis NZ is fortunate in having educators and advisors who are trained and well informed in the understanding, treatment, management and evidence based self-management of endometriosis and pelvic pain. Your ENZ educator / advisor is happy to listen to you and discuss treatment and management options in the hope that they can help you find the treatment path which best suit you and that matters to you. We can provide education and well-health coaching to girls and women. ENZ educators and advisors are not doctors or nurses and are not trained counsellors. Please note that the service does not take the place of a consultation with a registered doctor or health professional.
Cancellations and No Shows One of our consultants will contact you on the phone number provided. They will attempt to call at the beginning of the appointment time. From time to time they may be held up on another appointment but they will be in contact with you as soon as they can. If for unforeseen reasons they were unable to make your appointment time requested they will be in contact too allow you to make another time.

If you are unable to be reached on the phone number given at your appointment time they will attempt to contact you once more before the end of your appointment. If still un-successful they will cancel your apppointment and you will be required to make a new appointment via the online booking system.

We understand that sometimes there are unforeseen reasons as to why you might not have been able to keep your scheduled appointment time with us. However because this is a free of charge service and we are regularly fully booked, we are only able to allow up to three cancelled appointments per person. Once this limit is reached a booking fee of $5.00 may be required before any further appointments can be confirmed.
Your privacy You can be assured of the utmost confidentiality in anything you discuss with our consultants. It is your choice how much information about yourself personally you give, but the extent of how much they can help you will depend on what information you provide.

From time to time we may use information we receive to assist us in research, reporting data and statistics. We will never use information that identifies an individual directly or indirectly, unless they have given us written permission.

We will not record the phone conversation.

ENZ uses the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights guidelines as published by The Heath and Disability Commissioner. You can view these guidelines at www.hdc.org.nz.
Our privacy At the beginning of your appointment you will be asked to confirm verbally that you will not record the conversation between the consultant and yourself.
Sponsorship We are proud and grateful to have received support through funding from the ANZ Staff Foundation. Without this support Endometriosis NZ would not be able to provide this free of charge phone clinic service to the NZ community. Thanks ANZ Staff Foundation, we think you're awesome!
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