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Evolve Holistic Fitness
At Evolve holistic fitness our focus is on the multi-dimensional aspect of us all. We are physically focused. Living in physical bodies and enjoying a physical existence. Therefore we need to make sure our bodies are fit, strong, healthy and full of vitality.
Location 14 Davis Crescent Newmarket
Phone: (021) 1065981
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Classes At Evolve our philosophy is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to return home and continue a practice with increased understanding, along with a leaner, more toned and healthy body and a more relaxed and focused mind.

It’s for this reason that we choose Yoga and Pilates and that our instructors work closely together to ensure a flow of understanding and continuity for all levels, through the courses we run.
1on1 training Whether you are looking to lose some weight, train for a particular event or occasion or just want general fitness and well being fitness training can get you there with a variety of methods. Weight training to improve muscle tone, strength, or stability. Cardio sessions such as running, walking, cycling, swimming or boxing. Or a combination session.
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