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Expert Maths Tuition
EMT has been providing Expert Maths Tuition since its establishment by principal teacher Sonia & Managing Director Raaj tosha in 2003.
EMT staff are 100% result oriented. They are passionate and concerned about helping their students achieve results.
BOOK NOW and receive a complementary Assessment Session to find out where you stand in mathematics according to the NZ curriculum.

Our fresh Policies around Session Booking & Payment 1. 'Pay & Book' means students, parents must pay for all the sessions which are being
booked prior to session commencement.

2. We need confirmation of payment from you for the sessions you have paid.

3. Please provide us Days, Date & Time slots you want us to book the sessions for.

4. EMT isn't responsible if time slots beyond your prior booked and paid sessions are taken.

So you please keep an eye on your bookings on your own.
Services Assessment Session:
A student's current Maths ability is assessed during the first session. This enables areas of difficulty to be addressed during Tuition. Parents are invited to observe the assessment session. You will receive the results at the end of the session. We offer 100% money back guarantee of progress in this session.

Group Session:
Students work in a small group with a maximum of 3 to 4 students.

One on One session:
This session offers intensive Maths focusing on gaining outstanding achievement.

A Bring Your Own Buddy (BYOB) session with a maximum of 2 students. This works best where there are two friends, classmates or family members working together. Shared Session is one of our the most successful session.

Entrance test preparation for:


Fee Assessment Session: Free
One on One Session: $89 incl. gst.per Student per hour
Group Session: $45 incl. gst.per Student per hour
Shared Session: $69 incl. gst.per Student per hour

Term Dates 2018
2018 school terms and holidays
Start date
Term 1 - 11 weeksBetween Monday 29 January (at the earliest); and Wednesday 7 February (at the latest)
Term 2 - 10 weeksMonday 30 April
Term 3 - 10 weeksMonday 23 July
Term 4 - up to 10 weeksMonday 15 October
Exceptions Statistics: We do One on One [External Only] /Shared
Calculus: We do One on One/ Shared
Cambridge: We do One on One/ Shared
Entrance Test: We do One on One/ Shared
Locations 62 Matata Street
Blockhouse Bay

2 Margan Ave.
New Lynn

97 Manukau Road

27 Morningside Drive
Sandringham (Kingsland)

711 Mt Albert Rd
Royal Oak

31 Whiteacres Drive,
Sunny Hills,
Method of Payment Please pay before you buy:
EMT Ltd requires payment in full, preferably before commencement of all tutorials. If you have difficulty paying the fees please discuss this with the EMT's administration as payment plans can be arranged in special circumstances
Payable to: Expert Maths Tuition Limited.
Post Cheque to:
62 Matata Street
Blockhouse Bay
Auckland 0600
Must write student's name & branch on back side of the Cheque.
Please pay full term fee in advance.
Also add 30c Cheque Clearance fee.
Please pay full term fee in advance.
Must mention student's name and branch as reference.
Please No weekly or broken installments by Internet Banking and Cheque .
When you make a payment, Please email date amount of payment to EMT's Admin: info@expertmathstuition.co.nz
EMT’s ANZ Bank Account Number:
01- 0215 – 0102135 – 01
Externals Exam Dates Exams dates :



Cal 23 Nov

Note: " Please Note that if you don't get any free time slot of your choice,
Please text Principal teacher and Director Sonia on her mobile
021 0615 614
call on 0800Mathme
email EMT's Admin:info@expertmathstuition.co.nz
More info www.expertmathstuition.co.nz
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