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Harvey Centre
Can't turn your head? Achy hips?
This is where you can feel better, move with flexibility and rid yourself of tension.
Julianne Harvey is the leading Neuromuscular therapist on Aucklands North Shore. She combines Neuromuscular, Massage and Hot Stone therapies to help you reduce muscle aches and pains.
Julianne's focus is on preventative care and ensuring that you have flexibility and vitality.
Don't let yourself get to the point where pain is holding you back from having the lifestyle you enjoy.Take action by booking, and then relax, knowing that you are looking after yourself!
Location 192 Chivalry Road
Glenfield, Auckland

phone 09 442 4002
Bookings Please select the duration appointment that suits your needs, and please add in the "comments" section (before you confirm booking) any treatment requirements.
NeuroMuscular Therapy What is NeuroMuscular Therapy? - It is a "problem solving" technique that uses advanced concepts in massage and pressure therapy to break the stress-tension-pain cycle. NMT aims to relax muscles so that circulation can increase, leading the body to return to normal balance and range of movement. So, if you're feeling achy and stiff this is the treatment to get!
Sports Massage With sports massage we utilise specific techniques and stretches to help obtain maximum performance, and physical conditioning, for your sport and to lessen your chances of injury or pain.Julianne has massaged professional rugby players (including All Blacks), Ironman athletes, cyclists, tennis players, runners, triathletes and weekend warriors.
Life Coaching Life Coaching is about being action oriented and future focused. So, if you have been stuck and have been going around in circles for a while, you won't be stuck any longer.You may have had something on your mind that you would like to explore? Did you think you would have achieved more on your wish list by now? My role is to provide a forum where you can explore all your options, whatever the topic, and map out plans for your future.
Prices 30 minutes $50
60 minutes $80
90 minutes $120
More information Visit: www.harveycentre.co.nz
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