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Juliet Ireland Psychology
Welcome to Juliet Ireland, Registered Psychologist!
Clinic location & contacts 17 St Stephens Ave
Parnell, Auckland

Phone 021 473 346
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About Juliet Juliet trained at the University of Auckland in the Health Psychology Programme. She has been working at Auckland District Health Board since 2001 in physical health. She also lectures and tutors at the University of Auckland Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.
Juliet is a Registered Psychologist under the Psychologist's Act (1981) and a full member of the New Zealand Psychological Society.

Juliet is trained and experienced in a number of different types of therapy including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Supportive Psychotherapy, and works to tailor therapeutic needs and goals to the individual.
More info http://aucklandpsychology.co.nz/our-practitioners/juliet-ireland/
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