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Lifestyles Neuromuscular & Massage Therapy

Welcome to Auckland's leading Soft-tissue and Massage Therapy specialist clinic, situated in New Lynn, West Auckland.

We are proud to offer you a wide range of soft-tissue & massage therapy solutions, to help you recover from pain or dysfunction & rehabilitate from conditions related to injury, chronic pain, soft-tissue related pathologies, postural dysfunction or muscle imbalance.
As well as working with you on breathing dysfunction, stress related conditions, pre / post pregnancy, oedema, headaches & migraines or you just enjoy looking after a yourself with a balanced lifestyle enhanced by a regular massage.

Our team of highly trained professionals are specialists on Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Massage & training support, Exercise rehabilitation, Gait Analysis, Therapeutic, Relaxation & Stress management, Pregnancy & Hot Stone Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Bach Flowers Remedies
Where are we 3121 Great North Road
New Lynn, Auckland
phone 09 826 5516
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Treatments Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)
NMT helps achieve a balance between the nervous and musculoskeletal systems by targeting the possible cause and/or perpetuating factors leading to and keeping the body in its state of imbalance - this imbalance presented in the form of your pain or dysfunction.
We will use various assessment techniques to help achieve the most beneficial results for you including; Static Postural Analysis, Movement Analysis, Gait Analysis, Muscle length and strength testing, Orthopedic tests, Dietary and Psychosocial assessment and advice.

Therapeutic Massage
Swedish massage techniques involving the systematic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, to achieve benefiical effects physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Sports Massage
Swedish massage and sports focused techniques combined with NMT to target the needs of the individual athlete or physically active person, together with training program advice or integration with your team coach/trainer or Personal Trainer @ the Gym. Dietary advice and support. Video Gait analysis and exercise rehabilitation in our on-site rehabilitation gym.

Exercise Rehabilitation
One-on-one exercise rehabilitation programs designed specifically for your personal goals and/or tailored to work in with your massage therapy treatment.
Our experienced team will work with you in our on-site exercise rehabilitation gym to design a plan that is specific, realistic and safe.
Monthly self-training membership options available also.

Hot Stone Massage
Long, soothing strokes using heated rocks, deeply warm and relax your overworked tissues stimulating local and systematic changes in the body. An exceptional gift to help the recipient gain deep relaxation and huge benefits associated with biomechanical, biochemical and psychosocial changes occuring in the mind and body as a reslut of your luxurious hot stone massage.

Relaxation Massage
Swedish massage technique using long, flowing strokes, to melt away the stresses that life throws at us on a daily basis.

Pregnancy Massage
Incorporating swedish massage strokes appropriate to your individual situation, from the first trimester, throughout your pregnancy helping you through this most important journey for you and your baby. As well as adding important post natal support for you beyond the birth of your most special baby.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Stimulatesthe movement of lymph enhancing the immune system. Research supports its’ effectiveness in treating inflammation, sinusitis, migraines, oedema, sprains, bruises and more.

Our therapists Doug Maynard BHS (Massage and NMT), Dip CNMT, RMT MNZ - Company Director
Doug has been involved in the massage therapy industry for 19 years and as well as running and practising from this successful clinic for the last 13 years, splits his time as a senior lecturer at the NZ College of Massage in Epsom. Doug teaches the Neuromuscular Therapy component to the 2nd and 3rd year Degree students, focusing on clinical assessment, clinical reasoning, differential diagnosis and Neuromuscular practical technique application, incorporating bio-mechanical, biochemical and psychosocial aspects of the patients condition into the bigger picture.
Doug has a particular passion for chronic pain and associated conditions and pathologies: these include headaches, migraines, TMJ dysfunction, breathing dysfunction and stress related issues, longstanding neck and low back pain.
His approach to treatment is multifaceted, investigating many aspects incorporated into your daily routine that may perpetuate your chronic problem and so recovery will often include dietary, psychosocial as well as biomechanical applications to complete a very holistic treatment plan of which you, the patient play an essential and active role towards your recovery.
Doug enjoys a spending his spare time with his family. He has a long history associated with weightlifting, rugby, karate, mountain biking at high levels of competition. He is currently competing in Powerlifting on a National and International Level and to date holds Masters NZ Records in Benchpress and Deadlift disciplines.

Bryan Ellis BHS (Massage & NMT), Dip Hsc Massage & Sports Therapy, Dip Th. Mass.

Bryan Ellis is a graduate of the New Zealand College of massage, Auckland, New Zealand. He holds a degree in neuromuscular therapy (BHS massage and neuromuscular therapy, 2012), two health science diplomas in therapeutic massage (2010) and sports therapy (2011), and a certificate in lymphatic drainage (2012), from the Dr. Vodder School International. Most recently he has completed a bachelor of applied sciences and human biology (2014), through the osteopathy undergraduate programme at Unitec Auckland, New Zealand.

Bryan has 25 years of experience in weight, cardio and gym-based training, he understands the principles of effective exercise and nutrition and maintains a passion for prescriptive core and stability training. Since 2011 he has been using his experience in corrective exerciseprinciples to assist both patients and clients in developingmore effective methods of controlling posture, stabilityand pain. These skills are integrated alongside hands on therapy sessions for optimal results.

Assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction is Bryan’s particular area of expertise and he takes a universal approach in helping individuals enhance awareness of all aspects of their body in relation to, pain, tension and injury. He investigates the cause of dysfunction, assesses contributing factors and plans treatments to correct postural, biomechanical and stress related issues.

Bryan enjoys the complexities of working with people who rely on their bodies’ to perform at their potential, as well as those who need to de-stress and be re-educated on how to better their health and wellbeing through manual therapy, nutrition and exercise prescription.

Rachel Kearney - BHS (Massage & NMT), Dip Hsc Massage & Sports Therapy, Dip Th. Mass.

Rachel Kearney holds a Degree in Neuromuscular therapy (BHS Neuromuscular and Sports Therapy), a Diploma in Therapeutic massage and a Diploma in Sports massage and a through the New Zealand College of Massage.
Rachel as recently begun working at Lifestyles Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy part time. She also divides her time teaching the Certificate in Relaxation Massage course part time at the New Zealand College of Massage.
Over the past few years, she has had the vast experience working with some of New Zealand’s elite athletes and sports teams such as; the Warriors NRL team, the NZ Breakers, Waitakere United Football, Manu Samoa Rugby World Cup Team and various NZ Tri-athletes and Multi-sport personal. This previous experience has given Rachel a wide range of knowledge in Sports Therapy and a passion for working with active members of the public.
A keen sportswoman herself, Rachel participates regularly in Horse riding, Snowboarding, Surfing and many other outdoor pursuits. These past times have given her insight into the relationship between the musculoskeletal system and various physical activities.
Rachel’s treatments to maintain the goal of being completely tailored to the individuals’ requirements, while encompassing a holistic approach to their lifestyle. The main focus of these specialised treatments is to assess the contributing factors of the discomfort, including the individuals’ postural habits, workplace environment, biomechanical discrepancies, past injuries and current physical demands on the body. In addition, to the physical contributors, Rachel explores the biochemical and psychosocial factors that impact a clients’ wellbeing and influence their recovery process. This knowledge builds a specialised program to enhance each clients’ progress and to encourage the client to become aware of the stressors that could impact their discomfort and impede their recovery.
Rachel enjoys working collaboratively with her clients’ to achieve their goals. She strives to educate her client’s about the influence of lifestyle factors, the relationship between physical discomfort and psychosocial factors and how to improve their general wellbeing through using massage therapy.

Nici Stirrup - BHS Massage & NMT

Nici Stirrup holds a Bachelor of Health Studies in Massage & Neuromuscular therapy. Shortly after arriving from the UK she began her training at the NZ College of Massage in 2009. She is a registered member of Massage NZ. Niciis qualified to provide Relaxation Massage, Therapeutic massage, SportsMassage, Neuromuscular therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. These treatment modalities can be combined to treat specific issues, injuries and pathologies. As part of these treatments she also advises on rehabilitation exercise.

A personal experience of injury due to musculoskeletal imbalance and core instability sparked an interest in body mechanics and rehabilitation exercise. This experience and her enthusiasm for health and fitness led her to the decision to pursue massage therapy as a career. Nici holds a firm belief that massage is a powerful tool for healing and rejuvenating both body and mind.

Massage therapy encompasses three core concepts; physical, psychological and biochemical. Nici practises this holistic approach to develop personalised treatment plans that cater to your specific needs and goals. Nici uses a variety of assessment techniques to identify the cause of discomfort as well as revealing possible postural misalignment and muscle imbalances. Treatment techniques will encourage pain-free and fluid movements as well as reducing tension related to overuse, stress or lifestyle pressures.

Nici has experience providing massage services at a number of sporting events. These include: USA Women’s Hockey team at the Four Nations Hockey Tournament, Auckland Provincial Rugby Team, Oxfam Trailwalker100km event, Auckland Marathons and Squash Club tournaments.

Nici enjoys an active life participating regularly in premier league hockey, endurance ocean swimming and Iyengar yoga. Nici has personally experienced the benefits of regular massage treatment to assist with recovery, avoid injury, relax and de-stress to help maintain a healthy and balanced body & lifestyle.

Loren Clements - Dip in HSc & Therapeutic Massage. Certificate in Relaxation Massage
Loren Clements is a recent graduate of the NZ College of Massage. He holds a Certificate in Relaxation Massage and Diploma in Health Sciences and Therapeutic Massage.
Drawing on a longstanding interest in varying bodywork modalities (yoga, Qigong, Taoist meditation, martial arts), Loren provides a holistic service aimed at promoting health and wellbeing in his clients. Loren enjoys establishing open lines of communication in order to help his clients reach their goals whether they are short- or long-term. His treatments are focused on client needs, wants and capacities.
Loren has developed an excellent quality of touch and diverse set of skills including: myofascial release, deep tissue massage, Neuro-muscular techniques, stretching techniques, breath-work, and relaxation techniques.
Allow Loren to help you get out from under the burden of excess tension and pain, two things that no one should be forced to suffer. The road to a pain-free life can be challenging but Loren is happy to travel that road with you.
Outside of massage, Loren teaches Systema (Russian Martial Art), and enjoys skateboarding, nature and being a student of life. Remaining an engaged student is high on Loren’s list of priorities in life. He looks to further his understanding of himself by breathing, moving and relaxing.

Amelia Vickers - BHS Massage & NMT

Completed Bachelor in Health Studies Massage and NMT level 7
Diploma in Health Science Massage and Sports Therapy level 6
Diploma in Health Science and Therapeutic Massage level 6
Certificate in Relaxation Massage level 4
Cert. in Manual Lymphatic Drainage – completing VODA in 2018
Member of Massage NZ

Amelia is a dedicated therapist who has just completed the Bachelor of Health Studies and Neuromuscular Massage Therapy. She became interested in massage therapy after receiving massage treatment for multiple injuries, so has experienced first-hand how effective neuromuscular therapy can be.
She competed, refereed and coached at a national and world level in traditional kickboxing, as well as competing in a range of other sports such as netball, basketball and swimming. Currently she is working towards competing in a physique sculpting event.
Amelia’s passion is in helping improve the quality of life for people suffering from headaches, migraines and chronic pain, along with injury prevention and rehabilitation. Amelia has worked a lot with sports teams and athletes, having worked two seasons with North Harbour Rugby, Waikato Rugby / Chiefs, along with recovery massage sessions for the All Blacks, Warriors and both the men’s and woman’s world 7’s teams.
Amelia lives and massages with the belief that to gain the optimal use and performance from our bodies and minds, we must provide ourselves with appropriate nutrition, maintenance and rehabilitation. Using this philosophy Amelia tailors individual session plans to get optimal results from her treatments.

Chris Sutton - Dip HSc Therapeutic Massage. RMT MNZ

Chris has obtained a certificate in Relaxation and a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage therapy and Health Sciences. He also has experience massaging at various sporting events and working with athletes such as the Warriors.

Chris focuses his sessions to each individual situation, looking not only at treating for relief from muscular tension or pain but also working towards more long-term solutions.
Chris is committed to figuring out the right treatment plan for you; whether they are to decrease muscular tension, aid in correcting postural imbalance, increase sporting performance or focusing on the mind and body through relaxation massage.

Outside of massage therapy Chris pursues photography with day hikes around national parks, enjoys swimming, amateur mixed martial arts and spending time with his family.

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