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North Shore Massage Therapy & Osteopathy
The North Shore Massage Therapy & Osteopathy Therapists
provide professional, knowledgeable, and effective Massage Therapy and Osteopathy treatment for all our clients in the four corporate rooms,
using quality products, linen, equipment and 'Hands -on' Massage Therapy
and Osteopathy techniques.

Our Treatment's are 'Results Focused'...
...We plan to have you feel and note measured changes after each time you have an appointment.

We don't just advertise 'The Product'...
We promote and 'stand behind' the Therapist who will provide your Professional Treatment.
Our Osteopaths are ACC providers.

Our Massage Therapists have all trained and qualified at the highest levels and all work to
the Massage NZ Scope of Practice.


For bookings with Shore Osteopaths please click here.


Jessica Cooper
Where are we 9c Apollo Drive (Off Constellation Dr.)

Parking right outside the door - with easy walk-in and wheelchair access.
PO Box 65-472 Mairangi Bay
North Shore
Auckland 0754
New Zealand
Ph: 09 479 1379
Fax 09 479 1380
0274 382 297
Bookings &
Cancellation / No-Show Policy
Just select the appropriate duration massage or Osteopath Treatment at the right hand side under "ezybook now". Once you have placed a booking, you can login and click on "my ezybook" to change your booking, or to make further bookings with us.

If you are booking your first Massage or Osteopath Treatment, we may contact you to confirm you requirements.

FIRST MASSAGE APPOINTMENTS are booked out at 1 and a quarter hours. (This will appear on EZYBOOK as still just an hour, however, the massage therapists would like you to turn up 5 minutes ahead of time at reception, to fill out a form. You may remain in the treatment room for 5-10 minutes over the hour booked, to make up for time spent evaluating and planning the session. First appointment is always at least 1 hour.


A cancellation on the day within 8 hours (unless the appointment time is filled) or a 'no show' - will be charged at the full appointment rate. (This of course will be decided on an individual basis within reason. )

Massage Therapy Rates with a New Zealand Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). Incl GST.

½ hour - $55
1 hour - $80
1.5 hours - $110

Massage Therapy Rates with a Non-Registered Massage Therapist.
½ hour - $50
1 hour - $75
1.5 hours - $100

30 Minutes - For some ongoing treatments on a specific area.

60 Minutes - Most ongoing treatments are 1 hour .

90 Minutes -Time to really focus on the client.

Osteopathic Treatment Rates:
FIRST OSTEOPATH APPOINTMENTS are for an hour. Time to take a full medical history is required as well as the initial treatment. Please arrive 10mins before your appointment time in order to complete a New Client form and orientate your self with the clinic.

For an appointment with Shore Osteopaths please click here.

Bookings are essential.

ACC / Private
Adult $45 / $75
Student (primary/secondary) $40 / $50

First appointments are 1 hour.
Ongoing appointments are 40 minutes.

A Charge of $30 will apply for cancellation of less than 6 hours notice or a 'no show', unless the appointment time is filled.
Massage Therapists These Massage therapists are professional, Registered Members of Massage NZ

Registered Massage Therapists (RMT)

Hold Current First Aid Certificate.
Required to complete Annual Professional Development hours.
Uphold the Code of Ethics of Massage New Zealand.
Adheres to the Scope of Practice of Massage New Zealand.

Jessica Cooper -

Jessica has recently 'retired' from Hands On Massage Therapy. She will continue to run the business and work on the desk.

Registered Nurse, and Aromatherapist who specialised in focused techniques for injuries, sports massage, relaxation and lymphatic drainage for surgery / injury. Neck, headaches, whiplash, shoulder, arm and hand pain was also a specialty. She also manages the logistics for the DC-3 aircraft www.flydc3.co.nz and crew based at Ardmore, is passionate about her herb and vegetable garden and her lovely cat Monty. She has a strong knowledge of living with multiple allergies. GST Registered .

Stephanie Mount- Registered Massage Therapist ( MNZ) with a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage from The New Zealand College of Massage and a Certificate in Aromatherapy. Stephanie focuses on sports, deep tissue, relaxation, aromatherapy and neuromuscular massage. Stephanie has also graduated with a BSc Degree studying Human Nutrition and Psychology at Massey University. She is available for consultations regarding your nutrition.
(Hours of work: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.)

Karen Kerr- Registered Massage Therapist – (MNZ) with a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage from The New Zealand College of Massage; focusing on Deep Tissue, Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage. Treatment can include a combination of trigger point, neuromuscular and stretching techniques. Karen works with enthusiasm and her friendly personality is an asset to the team.(Tuesday and Thursday.)

Jo Worrall -Massage Therapist
Jo offers pain and stress relief through a combination of deep tissue and relaxation massage. Jo also offers pregnancy and aromatherapy massage and is continuing to up-skill with her training in the theory and use of doTERRA pure therapeutic grade Essential Oils.
(Monday, Wednesday , Thursday and Saturdays.)
Cosmetic Nurse specialist Susan Durney
BHSC (NSG), Post grad Cert (NSG)

Susan Durney graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing) from the Auckland University of Technology in 2000 and later gained a Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing in 2007. She has a strong background in all aspects of surgical nursing, having worked in a private medical/surgical hospital, including Plastic Surgery and other specialties.

More recently, Susan has provided clinical assistance alongside Plastic Surgeon Dr David Crabb as a Cosmetic Nurse Specialist, consulting with patients and providing all the injectable treatments such as Botox® and Juvederm® dermal fillers to enhance facial appearance. Susan is also experienced in providing advanced Botox® techniques including treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and migraines.
She takes great satisfaction in the challenges of Plastic Surgery nursing, welcoming the varied nature of the work and enjoying close contact with patients while providing continuous patient care.

Susan is a member of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation and keeps up-to-date with research and current changes in this dynamic industry by attending clinical forums, workshops, webinars and conferences.

Susan is available for consultation - Book with Ezybook.
Osteopaths Taz Darragh

Taz graduated from Unitec New Zealand with honours in the Master of Osteopathy degree. He holds a current annual practising certificate with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand and is ACC registered.

Taz completed his research thesis on shoulder pain. He researched the best methods for the rehabilitation of those suffering shoulder impingement syndrome. Having completed extensive research on shoulder pain he is now highly regarded in this field.

Call us today to see how we can help you!

Opening Hours: Currently Monday and Thursday.

Vance Miller

Vance first gained an interest in Osteopathy following a whiplash incident which prompted him to visit multiple manual therapists. Vance only found success and resolution of pain through Osteopathic treatment. This lead him to participate as a ‘student for a day’ at Unitec which was offered to interested individuals. from then on he was hooked.

Vance maintains a holistic approach when assessing clients in which the mechanics of the whole body is considered, ensuring no predisposing or maintaining factors are overlooked when making a diagnosis. He believes this is the best way to target the root cause of the pain/dysfunction as opposed to the symptoms alone.

Vance enjoys treating a wide variety of patients of all ages, with particular interest in breathing, physical performance and athletes
Vance has a passion for sports and the outdoors and is heavily involved in martial arts both as a coach and competitor. He also enjoys surfing, fishing, and diving which stems from his love of the ocean.

Available Tuesday to Friday.
Gift Vouchers Gift Vouchers are available for purchase.
Call the office, text or email us.
Payments can be completed by us by credit card.
We can email or post the vouchers to you, or you can pick them up from the office.
They are valid for 12 months.
Massage therapists have mainly trained at the NZ College of Massage in Auckland, NZ.

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