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Osteoworks on Auckland's North Shore offers structural and cranial osteopathic treatment for all ages and many conditions .

ACC registered

We treat back & neck pain & stiffness, headaches, sinusitis, joint pains such as shoulder and knee pain from arthritis or following sports injuries. Sprained ankles, wrists also respond well to osteopathic treatment.

Jill also treats children and babies with cranial osteopathy This may help with pain or developmental issues & symptoms such as reflux, colic, sleep disturbances or glue ear.

Torbay 094733529: Jill 02105316185, Chris - Thursday and Friday am call 0220258665
Where are we? We work out of 2 clinics on Auckland's North Shore

2/70 Deep Creek Road
Monday to Saturday
ph 094733529

50 East Coast Road
Jill: Tuesday am and Wednesday
Phone 0210531618
Chris: Thursday and Friday ams

To contact Chris on Thursday and Friday ams call 0220258665
To email us, click on "contact us" above
Who are we? Chris Fetto BSc Ost. (U.K.), M.A.
I consider that patients benefit hugely when a therapists tool kit contains a range of techniques or tools, instead of their using the same one each visit. So, since completing my 5 years of Osteopathic training in London (College of Osteopaths) in 2003, I have concentrated on broadening the variety of treatment techniques I can offer. I treat all areas of the body, but have a special interest in neck and abdominal issues. I am also interested in altering posture for pain relief

Jill Headifen MSc Ost. (U.K.)
Jill trained in the UK graduating in 1983.
Along with a broad range of osteopathic techniques including manipulation and soft tissue techniques I specialize in cranial osteopathy. I am particularly interested in working with babies and children,as I believe that making changes early in a child’s life has long lasting impacts on their physical and emotional development. Many of my adult patients also consult me as they prefer a gentle approach to treatment or have a chronic pain problem which has not resolved with other kinds of therapy.
I also have extensive personal experience with exercise programs such as Pilates and will advise patients of suitable exercises to help to develop self care and prevention programs.
Cost of treatment $80
With ACC $35.50
More info Visit our website at www.osteoworks.co.nz for more information on our services
Cancellation list If you would like to go our cancellation list for an appointment sooner than you see here please call 4733529 or txt 0210531618
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