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Rana Health
Have you had enough of feeling tired... sick of getting colds and flu and having to take antibiotics... no longer want to wake feeling flat, anxious and not looking forward to the day ahead, want to improve your general health and live life to its fullest... then try the healing benefits that Naturopathy; Acupuncture; Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage can offer. Rana Health provides a variety of Massage, Acupuncture & Naturopathy practices with a qualified, experienced therapist. I deliver Massage, Naturopathy and gentle Acupuncture treatments that give results. Patients report feeling relaxed and revitalised, lighter with less aches and pain, improved sleep patterns, a stronger immune system and an improvement in their general wellbeing. I offer massage treatments for musle strain and tension as well as therapeutic relaxation and relief from everyday stress. I also provide Naturopathy treatments and Acupuncture for many common health issues including... Low immune system; Recurrent colds & flu; Insomnia; Digestive disturbance; Weight loss; Women & Mens health issues; Depression & Anxiety. I specialize in Senior citizen Massage, Natural health solutions for Perimenopause and Menopause symptoms as well as common health concerns for children.
Where to find us? Orewa House (next to Walnut Cottage Cafe)
Ground floor; Room 2
498 Hibiscus Coast Highway
Hibiscus Coast
Therapist Rebecca Wood
Bookings / cancellations on the day If you need to book or cancel appointments with us on the day, you must please TXT or call as I may not see your online booking:
Bookings with vouchers If you are making a booking with a Voucher, please note this in the Comments before you confirm your booking.
Pricing 30 minute Massage - $50
40 minute Massage - $60
60 minute Massage - $80
(Includes Reiki sessions)

Initial- 1 hour appointment- $80
Follow ups- 45 minutes- $65

Naturopathic Consultation
First appointment 1 hour - $80
Follow up 30 minutes - $50

Children 0-12
All treatments - $20 discount on all treatments

Gold Card Holders (65+) - $10 off every treatment
Qualifications Rebecca Wood
Diploma of Therapeutic Massage
Diploma of Acupuncture
Diploma of Naturopathy
Reiki 1
Services offered Rebecca Wood
Therapeutic & Deep tissue massage
Relaxation massage
Pregnancy massage
Lymphatic Drainage

Days & times Rebecca Wood

Orewa clinic-
Tuesday: 10am - 7pm
Wednesday: 10am - 7pm
Thursday: 9.45am - 1.30pm

Friday: 10 am - 6pm
Further info & contact www.ranahealth.co.nz

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Rebecca Wood @ Orewa
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