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To make a booking on line:
New Patients:
First decide on which clinic you would prefer, the options are Milford of Meadowbank. Milford is limited to all day Wednesday. Whereas Meadowbank is open for the rest of the week.
Once you have decided which clinic you would prefer, then click on the NEW PATIENT - ORTHOTICS option (even if you are only coming for an assessment). Remember to decide on which clinic you are wanting to book in at.
The current week will display with all available booking showing. Click on the most suitable time, complete the CUSTOMER DETAILS. Once completed, click on register now and you are all done. An email booking confirmation will be sent out, which will contain: the date, time and address of the clinic. You will receive a reminder 24 hours before your appointment and a text reminder 2 hours before your appointment. Please note; if you are already a REGISTERED EZYBOOK user once you enter your email address your details will be recognised and automatically appear.
If you require an appointment outside if the available times shown, please call our office on 09 4793874. There may well be time available that are not accessible via the on-line booking portal. Some Saturdays are available via calling the office.

Existing patients; please follow the above directions but when selecting the booking type, select the most appropriate type that will suit your visit.Shore Orthotics is the first and only Private Orthotics and Prosthetic Centre in Australasia that Guarantees Support and Satisfaction.What does Shore Orthotics offer?

Shore Orthotics are capable of designing, fabricating and fitting patients with custom made Orthoses and Prostheses. We consult, evaluate and provide treatments to all age groups with varying needs, including people with everyday complaints, sports people with injuries and patients recovering from surgery.
Our clinics Shore Orthotics operate out of the following clinics:

Village Medical
2 A Dodson Ave

6 college road
St Johns

Avondale Family Physiotherapy
63 Rosebank Road

ph 09 479 3874
fax 09 280 6294
About us Gary Seaman - Orthotist & Prosthetist
Gary Seaman's family has been involved in this medical field for three generations and in 1985 he qualified as an Orthotist and Prosthetist. In 2006 Gary received a Masters degree in Rehabilitation Science from the Orthotic and Prosthetic department of Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland. During his Masters degree he specialised in Clinical Gait Analysis and advanced prosthetics.Gary has worked in Orthotics and Prosthetics in Durban, South Africa and Germany and consulted extensively for several Orthotic and Prosthetic companies within Europe and New Zealand. Most recently he moved to New Zealand with his family taking up the role of Clinical Director at the Orthotics Centre in Auckland, before starting up Shore Orthotics. As a result of his varied undertakings over the last 25 years, Gary's areas of expertise are extremely wide.
More information http://www.shoreorthotics.co.nz/
Making bookings Just click on the type of appointment you want to book under the appropriate location. You will then be taken to our timetable where you can select the appropriate appointment and click on "confirm booking". If you have any special requirements, please enter these in the "comments" section before you confirm your booking.
Managing & cancelling your bookings
"my ezybook"
You can see your past and upcoming bookings by logging into ezybook and clicking on "my ezybook". You can also cancel your upcoming bookings by:
- clicking on "select" beside the booking
- click on "cancel booking" under Cancel & rebook
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