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Sparklewhite Teeth - Christchurch
Welcome to Sparklewhite Teeth - Christchurch.
One of the first things that people notice when they meet someone is the look of their smile. Sparklewhite Teeth has developed a new technology for teeth whitening that works at the speed of light. In just 1 x 60 minute treatment, your teeth will be lighter from 2-10 shades! Create a positive attitude for yourself and improve your appearance while achieving a more youthful look with your new Sparklewhite smile.
Our clinic 51 Wyn Street
Hoon Hay
Phone 03 3397374
How does Sparkle White work? The key to the success of our whitening system is the patented blue light technology, which increases the potency of whitening in a fraction of the time and cost, compared to other techniques available.
More info http://www.sparklewhite.co.nz
30-Minute Treatment: Suitable for those who have had in-chair teeth whitening within the last six months. This treatment is not recommended for your very first teeth whitening procedure. However, if you are unsure we can advise when you come in and easily upgrade to the most suitable procedure for you.
45-Minute Treatment: Light treatment for those that may have had teeth whitening within the last two years or have naturally light teeth and would like them to be freshened up. If you are under 20 years and haven't had years of staining that could have been absorbed inside your teeth and you have kept great dental hygiene then this procedure is for you. If you are unsure, they can help you upgrade to the next best procedure for you.
60-Minute Treatment: Medium treatment for those that drink tea, coffee, curries or red wine. This is the most popular procedure. Generally people 30 years and over will find this the most effective procedure. However, if you are a bit older, then a second treatment may be required. We will give you advice as to what is the best prescription for this.
*For long term tea, coffee, soft drink drinkers, smokers, or if you have been taking antibiotics, you may need a couple of treatments for maximum results to remove heavier staining. We can help you with this during your first appointment.
Menu of beauty treatments

look at the combined duration of the beauty treatments you want, and select the appropriate booking type on the right hand side,
SPRAY TANNING with Black Magic
Half Body 15min
Full Body 30mins
Maintenance within 7days 15mins
Pre Tan Exfoliation 1-2days prior 30mins

Eyelash Tint 30mins
Eyebrow Tint 15mins
Eyebrow Wax 15mins
Eyebrow Shape & Brow-Lash Tint 45mins
Eyebrow Shape & Tint 30mins
Eyebrow Shape 20mins

Eyelash & Eyebrow
Lash, Brow Tint & Brow Shape

30min Foot
30min Back
45min Back, Neck & Shoulders
60min Full Body
30min Back Exfoliation
60min Back Exfoliation & Massage
90min Full body Exfoliation & Massage
15min Eye Massager Machine
30min Eye Massager Machine

30min Microdermabrasion
60min Microdermabrasion & Facial
45min Microdermabrasion Face, Neck & Chest

30min Mismo Express
60min Mismo Acne, Hydrating or Plumping Facial
60min Mismo Refresher Facial
120mins Mismo Deluxe Facial
60mins Mismo Hydration Mask
60mins Mismo Plumping Mask
60min Mismo AHA Mask

30min Anti-Aging wrinkle reducer RED LED
60min Anti-Aging Facial & RED LED
30min Cell Rejuvenation PURPLE LED
60min Cell Rejuvenation Facial & PURPLE LED
30min Acne Buster BLUE LED
60min Acne Buster Facial & BLUE LED
30min Evens Skin Tone GREEN LED
60min Evens Skin Tone Facial & GREEN LED
30min Redness Reduction YELLOW LED
60min Redness Reduction Facial & YELLOW LED
30min Collagen Skin Booster INFRARED LED
60min Collagen Skin Booster Facial & INFRARED LED
30mins Skin Soother CYAN LED
60min Skin Soother Facial & CYAN LED 60mins
30min Radiant Glowing Skin ORANGE LED
60min Radiant Glowing Facial & ORANGE LED

Upper Lip 15mins
Chin 15mins
Lip & Chin 15mins
Underarm 15mins
Full Arm 30mins
Half Arm 15mins
Full Leg 30mins
Full Leg & Bikini 60mins
Half Leg & Bikini 45mins
Back 30mins
Back & Buttocks 60mins
Bikini 30mins
Brazilian 30min
Brazilian Maintenance within 6wks 30mins

30min Express Manicure
30min Express Pedicure
45min Express Mani or Pedi with Nail Polish
45min Removal & Re-Apply
60min Deluxe Manicure
75min Deluxe Manicure & Polish
60min Deluxe Pedicure
75min Deluxe Pedicure & Polish
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