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Sunflower Therapies
Sunflower Therapies

Colon Health & Wellbeing
"Transform yourself from the inside out."

32 Boundary Road, Hamilton.

Colon Hydrotherapy is an excellent way to cleanse the bowel of toxins and waste, but it should be understood that the body works holistically, i.e. all body systems work together to support the body as a whole, therefore other areas of balance in your life may be discussed also. If you are wanting to lose weight then this is a great place to start. The aim is to give the best cleanse initially, add that to good ongoing nutrition and you have less problems in the future. Ask your friendly Naturopath and Colon Hydrotherapist for the best results.
Where are we 32 Boundary Road
Hamilton (Look for the sunflowers painted on the fence)
Phone : 07 855 6760
Mobile : 027 496 0124
Our services Colon Hydrotherapy
Also known as Colon Irrigation or Colonic Irrigation, is a treatment using water to gently flush the bowel of toxins and compacted waste. The therapist will be with you throughout the treatment to control the pressure and temperature while at the same time checking with you to make sure that you are as relaxed and comfortable as possible. If there are any concerns, these can be discussed with you during and/or after the treatment.

Coffee Enema
This is done after a colon hydrotherapy treatment at a point when we know that the bowel is working efficiently to clear all waste through the bowel. It works specifically to clear the liver.

Nutrition Consultation
This is time put aside specifically to look at the foods you are taking in now and how we can adjust your diet to improve your health. It may only be small changes that you need but these canhave lasting effects on your health.

I offer this service separately to relieve aches and pains and reduce stress. The techniques I use relieve tight muscles and give improved movement in the body. Relaxation massage to deep tissue.

Conctact CARE. Flinchlock Release Therapy
A very gentle body therapy, clothes on, which releases the locking up of bones. Great for persistent pain areas.

Being In Colour Coaching
What is it you need to let go of? You ask the question as you shuffle the pack. Choose a card and I will help you find the answers. A self directed reading. Use the cards while having a colonic or use a whole session to find all the answers you need.

Ionic Foot Bath
An easy non-invasive way to detox through the feet. Recommended to have a series of sessions to get the best results.
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