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The Body Workshop - Women's Health Clinic
Welcome The Body Workshop Women's Health clinic provides low cost, traditional acupuncture treatment for a variety of conditions like period pain, menopause and PMS. This is done in a 'community' style clinic, you will each have your own comfy room, where your practitioner will take a history, give you some traditional Chinese style acupuncture and then leave to treat someone else while you relax and let the needles work. This style of clinic allows us to keep the costs down while still delivering a great treatment!
What we treat Any kind of gynaecological issue like menopause, period pain, heavy periods, long or short periods, PCOS, endometriosis, PMS and headaches before the period. Basically, if it is related to your menstrual cycle, we can treat it! We also treat pregnancy related symptoms like morning sickness, pregnancy related back/pelvic pain, breech presentation and preparation for labour.
What we don't treat In this clinic, due to the nature of the short sessions, we just cannot deliver the kind of treatment that's needed for such complex issues as fertility. If you want treatment for fertility, please book a full acupuncture session with Brendon or Mike at The Body Workshop on 820 0039.

We also don't treat any injury related (ACC) conditions in this clinic. If you have hurt your back or neck from an accident, please call The Body Workshop for an appointment.
Appointments We are currently running this clinic Saturday's 10am-12pm and Tuesdays 6-7pm.

Appointments are every 15 minutes & each session lasts approximately 30-40 minutes.

IMPORTANT: When you make your first booking please put the condition you are seeking treatment for in the comment field (e.g. 'Period Pain').
What to bring Just yourself! You can bring a support person with you if you like and if you have a list of current medications or blood tests that you think are relevant please bring that along.
When you arrive Just come in and have a seat. We will be with you pretty quickly. If this is your first appointment please arrive 5 minutes early to fill in the necessary paperwork.
Costs A single session is $30 ($20 with valid Student ID).

You can also purchase a prepaid concession card for $100 which gives you 4 sessions to use within 6 weeks.

We accept cash and Eftpos. Credit Card carries a +5% surcharge.
Changes and cancellations Please use the ezybook website to change or cancel your appointment. We ask that you give at least 3-4 hours notice. We do not charge a cancellation fee but just remember a 'no show' means someone else is missing out on treatment. Repeat offenders will be asked to pre-pay for their sessions.
Location We are located at The Body Workshop, 513 Rosebank Road, Avondale. We are close to the motorway, both the Patiki and Rosebank Road offramps lead to our clinic.
About Brendon Brendon was the first person in New Zealand to hold both a Western Natural Medicine double diploma and an Eastern Oriental Medicine degree. He integrates the best of both these worlds, blending the Eastern tradition with Western Natural Medicine know-how.

Brendon heads up the TBW Women's health clinic and has been working with women for many years to help them to 'find balance', aiming not just to treat symptoms but help women understand how lifestyle and nutrition help prevent recurrence of ill health.
About Mike Mike has recently finished his PhD through the Western Sydney University and also holds a BHSc in Acupuncture and a diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine. His PhD was on the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea (period pain) with traditional acupuncture.

Mike is a traditionally trained acupuncturist who specialises in treating Women's Health, and is currently on sabbatical over in Sydney at the National Institute of Complimentary Medicine from July 2016, undertaking a post-doctoral fellowship researching complementary medicine and women's health.
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