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Wags Dog Grooming
Pet pampering does not get any better than at Wags Dog Grooming Salon in Highland Park Shopping Centre Pakuranga. Wags offers a professional Dog and Cat grooming service to keep your much loved pet looking beautiful and feeling comfortable. Highly experienced groomers who has worked in the industry for over 20 years, will be available to bath and cut your pets hair to the highest standards.
Where are we From 1 July 2018 our new address is 301 Botany Terrace, Botany

phone 09 551 3549
to email us, click on "contact us" above
email - enquiries@wagsgrooming.co.nz
Opening hours - tues - sat 09.00am to 04.30pm
Haircolouring Guru's Give your pet that individual look! we guarantee it will turn heads. Please call us for details and to discuss your individual needs. You can purchase a Bling Collar to add sparkle!!! to you pet from our range of accsessories we carry in our Salon, check our website for more details .

The first time you bring your dog to Wags Dog Grooming for a groom, we will discuss with you with regards to style and desired finished product of the groom. So please allow at least 10 minutes when you come along for the first time. Our groomers will offer advice and suggestions to you on what is and isn't possible.
Our services Full Groom
XTRA Sml Breeds: from $69
SML Breeds from $72
Med Breeds: from $79

As well as 2 thorough shampoos, a full groom includes, ears cleaned and plucked, nails trimmed and the coat is trimmed, scissored or hand stripped to your requirements.

Nail trim $15 (inc in a full groom) - we are one of the cheapest Saloons in Auckland , Med $20 Large Breed $25

Ears cleaned and plucked $15 (inc in a full groom)
Prices for a groom are based on a standard breed size and the coat being in a knot or matt free condition.

If your dog is badly matted, there is a $ $5- $25 de-matting charge. For humane reasons a severely matted coat would be clipped off, this will be advised during your initial consultation.

Just drop off your beloved pet and pick him/her up a couple of hours later, looking refreshingly clean . Using state-of-the-art equipment we will give your pet 2 thorough shampoos, using all natural grooming shampoos. Then with the high-velocity blower/dryers, this not only dries your dog, but it blows out any remaining loose hair and dander (dead skin).Your pet will feel refreshed and smell wonderful with the natural Cologne we apply to all pets after a wash and groom.

Wash & Blow Dry
Sml Breeds: from $45
Med Breeds: from $50
Lge Breeds: from $55
Please note with a Wash and Blow Dry your pets nails trim are included.

Mini Groom
Sml Breeds: from $50
Med Breeds: from $55
Lge Breeds: from $75
A mini groom is basically a feet , face and buttocks trim and a light brush of the coat , if there is knotting there will be an extra charge. A mini groom is a perfect way to keep your pets coat in prestine condition between full grooms.

If there are no appointments on the day you desire, you can always call us and we will try to fit your pet in. We will always strive to accommodate our valued clients requests and schedules . We also offer a pick up and drop-off service by prior arrangement if you cannot come in to the Saloon .
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You can book a maximum of two dogs per booking slot .Please note we do not groom large Breeds on Saturdays and don't take large dog bookings after 1.30pm . Please call in for cat grooming as we only groom them early morning or at 2.00 pm

If you need to adjust the booking time slightly or drop off early, just call us , thank you and we look forward to seeing you and your pet in our Salon.
Cat grooming Please note cats are extremely sensitive creatures and are very different when it comes to grooming please note we will txt clients once cats have completed their groom and will have to be fetched immediately as they stress with dogs being around . Grooming for cats is done early morning or late afternoon at 2 Pm . For full service for cats go to www.wagspets.co.nz 😺
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