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Yummy Yoga
Yummy Yoga is gentle yoga, suitable for everyone.

Contrary to public opinion, you do not need to be flexible or skinny to join a yoga class! You just need to be open-minded and ready to give your body the nurture and care that it deserves. These classes include gentle asana (poses), pranayama (breathing practice) and meditation (relaxation). The style of yoga is mostly Hatha, with variations in style depending on the fortnightly theme. The philosophy of these yoga classes is “No Pain, More Gain". The emphasis of the class is solely on stretching, strengthening, releasing and relaxing, all of which our bodies and minds enormously benefit from.
There is a wide range of classes available.
Our details Location of classes:
The Theosophy Hall in Orewa (most of the classes are held here)
The Connection in Silverdale
The Presbyterian Church Hall in Orewa
(Maps on the website)

Website: www.yummyyoga.co.nz

Making bookings
Class Fees
Booking required for all classes.

To book a class, please see the class options on the right side here and book the class(es) that you would like to attend. If you have any difficulties, please check the "Frequently Asked Questions" on the website. If you can’t find an answer or need help booking, please contact us on admin@yummyyoga.co.nz
Class descriptions General Yummy Yoga Classes:
75 minutes of Yoga Asanas (poses), Breathing Exercises and Meditation. Themes change fortnightly to keep it interesting and fun. Each class has a set focus and emphasis is placed on one particular pose each fortnight, helping yogis to become empowered and confident about their poses. A variety of options are offered throughout the class to suit everyone, from beginners to seasoned yogis.

Gentle Yoga:
This class is suitable for anyone looking for a gentle practice- particularly suitable for seniors, those with injuries and anyone looking for a gentle practice. This is a gentler version of the Yummy Yoga Class, consisting of some challenges for yogis but it is more floor based than the other classes and the pace is a slower.

Restorative Yoga:
Restorative yoga is a quiet form of yoga, aimed at calming the nervous system, reducing stress and allowing the body time to relax and ease into poses. It is a slower paced class than the others. It is suitable for anyone and everyone! It is the most gentle and nurturing of all of the classes.

Yin and Yang Class:
There will be a combination of Yin (slow) and Yang(dynamic) poses, depending on the theme/focus for the class. There is usually about half of the class focused on yang, active, moving poses, aimed at strengthening and stretching the muscles. The other half of the class is focused on stretching the fascia, the ligaments and the joints. It is a quiet, still and calming practice. The class also includes breathing exercises and meditation.

There is also Kids Yoga, Teens Yoga and more-
Please see our website for more details:
More info Please Note: No classes on public holidays: Waitangi Day 6th Feb, Good Friday 30th March, Easter Mon 2nd April and Easter Tuesday 3rd April.
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Term CASUAL classes - Theosophy Hall, Orewa
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Term CASUAL classes - Wainui Golf Club
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Term CASUAL classes - St Andrews, Orewa
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Term COURSES - Theosophy Hall, Orewa
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Term COURSES - The Connection, Silverdale
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Holiday CLASSES - Theosophy Hall, Orewa
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Holiday CLASSES - Wainui Golf Club
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